Rent To Own - Please submit your information so we can inform you of houses available that are "rent to own".

Let us know where you want to live,what type of house you want, and how much you can afford monthly as well as how much of a down payment you can put down.

Home Ownership Thru Rent to Own Programs

Why keep renting when you can get on the path to OWNING your own home? Why keep giving your money to a landlord month after month?? If you cannot qualify for a regular mortgage you can still "rent to own". Renting to own is well within reach of many renters but they may not know how the process works, or how to get on track to aquire their dream home. Typically, the down payment is considerably less than a typical conventional or FHA loan. Credit score won't matter with rent to own.

We deal directly with motivated homeowners so there are NO banks or mortgage companies to deal with! This is great news for potential homeowners.

Rent to Own - Credit Not an Issue

Bad credit is not an issue when buying a house "rent to own". In fact, most people that cannot qualify for a conventional or FHA loan because of poor credit scores, are typically able to aquire homes they thought were out of reach.

Wondering about qualifications?

Rent to Own - Qualifications

Here are the basic qualifications you will need to "Rent to Own":